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What do we mean "Books By Others"?

"Books By Others" means helping other people fulfill their dream of being published. 

Bearly  Tolerable Publishing has helped people get their books published.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Some actually write their story and then discover that getting a traditional publisher interested in their work is impossible.  At this point many give up in frustration.   Some decide to self publish and see their works in print and selling.  Others whether it is a lack of time or computer skills simply despair about ever seeing their dream in print.  This is where Bearly Tolerable Publications comes to bat.   We can take your manuscript, get it laid out, formatted and submitted for publication.  At the end of the process YOUR BOOK will be for sale at Amazon and available for order from any bookstore.  

This is not "Vanity Press" where they take your money and provide  you with copies of your book but it is never publically available for sale.  We can find you an illustrator that you pay directly.  We do not garner a commission on the illustration unless we do it ourselves.   We have the software to lay out your book and submit it for publishing.  Important note,  I am not an editor and I strongly suggest that you hire a professional editor.  They are not terribly expensive and will make you much happier with your work.  The services we supply typically* fall between   $500 and $750.  Illustration always depends on the number of illustrations but an average of 20 illustrations can be done for less than $400 to $500.     If the decision to add the Kindle format is chosen, an additional charge is incurred.  Typically* less than $200.  

The beauty of selling on Amazon is that your book will be available for sale across the WORLD!  There is not a guarantee that your book will sell.   Marketing is another whole topic.  I will guarantee that there is enormous satisfaction seeing the fruition of a dream.  If interested go to the contact page and start a conversation. 

 *Typical prices may or may not apply to  your book.

This is a cute book that we produced  for Aleisha Morosco.  She had her own illustrator.   Bearly laid out the book, enhanced the fonts and submitted the book for review and finally for publishing.  The book is currently on sale at Amazon. 

Photos of the Maida Foundation Project

Author Sharon Maida at a book signing.  For each book sold the author donated one book to Kenyan schools. (photo at right)
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